School Mission


The Richardson Montessori Academy provides a well-rounded education by addressing the academic, social, emotional physical and moral needs of each child.  The Montessori curriculum fosters independence self-motivation, responsible decision-making and respect for self and others. The student’s education is individualized and responsive to each child’s potential. 

We continually encourage intellectual curiosity and self-confidence thereby preparing our students for future educational and life experiences and for their effective roles in the world.  Our mission encompasses moral values and behavior as well as academic performance.

The classroom is structured to provide each child with an individual program. As a child’s program is planned, the teacher keeps in mind the following behaviors that we seek to encourage in the Montessori child:

  • Choosing challenging work
  • completing the work cycle 
  • following directions
  • establishing good relationships with peers
  • working independently
  • working without disturbing others
  • lengthening attention span
  • developing the child’s self-confidence
  • displaying appropriate outdoor playground behavior